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SOCLL vision

to be the most valuable car electronics and service provider

We are specialized in car electronics field, with high quality, high performance, excellent service to create unique value for the customer, becomes irreplaceable enterprise.

We treat our customers, shareholders, employees and partners as a part of the whole value chain, on the way to be most valuable supplier,we also try our best to bring benifit for our supplier for shareholders, employees and partners
By our insight of customers' need, our profound professional ability, continuous innovation ability and good service, we provide cost-effective, extremely attractive products and solutions.  Through reasonable and sustainable profit mode,realizing the Shareholders' long-term value.
We adhere to the "common development",our continuous improvement depends on customers's growing need, meanwhile we also help our employees grow up; We adhere to the principle of "profit sharing", we share our profit with our employees every year to enjoy the success of the company and harvest.
We win partners respect and trust by our honesty, efficient operation ability and establish long-term cooperative relationship and win-win cooperation
SOCLL mission
supply the customers what they need
Along with the development of human civilization and industrialization, people's consumption habits, consumer demand is updated ceaselessly, a single variety of consumer electronic product can't satisfy the consumption demand of most people. Consumers ask more both in appearance and structure,there comes the trend the suppliers should provide the products which has multifunction and can satisfy different consumer on different consume level.
For consumer electronics products, purposes, using the habit can satisfy the consumers, innovative integration, can save more and more demand of energy, environmental protection concept of human development.
We provide good looking, high quality  consumer electronic products, realize customer demand, to make consumer electronic products more advanced development makes the life of people more and more colorful.
SOCLL core values
◆Customer-oriented: to strive for customer satisfaction.
We focus on researching the different demand basing on the different clients in different environments, and using our knowledge and experience in this consumer electronics field,  to find the most valuable solutions, become customer trust consumer electronics providers.
Honesty is our foundation, keep our word, make customer satisfied,that is our job.
We run after long term cooperation. Through the perfect service system ,we provide our customer timely service for persistent and stable cooperation relationship.
◆Innovation-driven: to progress with unyielding efforts.
We encourage the innovation that meet customer demand,bring customer value,but we fight against the blind innovation.
On the aspect of management, process, daily work ,through the investigation, study, analysis,we make some improvement ,to promote work efficiency improve  ,that is also called innovation. Constantly transcend beyond past, strives for perfection, never satisfied,all of them are the power of innovation
Innovation and improvement happens by the minute,The success is ongoing passion.
◆Excellence-targeted: to fruit through effective executions
Work performance is the basement of employee and team.
We encourage employees to form good habits,we let our employees make clear challenging objectives in strong sense of responsibility and the guidance of achievement,this ability of system thinking and  good working attitude can enhance the effectiveness
Good results are goals, clear, standard procedures can make the good results duplicated
◆Team-spirited: to shoulder more responsibility through teamwork.
SOCLL vision and mission determines its development will depend on the team's strength not alone. Only people obey organization, we can have complementary advantages,and develop team together, Only parts obey the overall situation, each department can cooperate closely,there comes the overall strength.
The team will have specific working target and development direction, all the members should around the target responsibility and cooperate with each other and to catch up.
Everyone should have the consciousness to blend into the team,to cooperate with others, initiatively help and guide others progress together
◆Mind-united: to move forward via concerted applications
We treat our employees as our treasure,we respect their value,and supply them the platform to develop their abilities.
We and our employees are on the same page, we share the profits ,basing on the principles of co-prosperity & coexistence,  implement both "reward-driven "& "distribution according to work"distribution mode.
Employees are the parts of the company development project,when the employees approve our culture and goal,then we have the same core value,we can progress together while achieving our destiny.

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 To be the most Vaulable car electronis and service provider