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RMA policy

Two choice for you:
1.14 months warranty
2.0.3% spare parts

The RMA process involves the return process of logistics and related information flow. Return logistics internal logistics (including customer return), repair cycle (including the repair of return required material), and external logistics (repaired products). RMA process flow of information consists of all the state of the RMA, including customer contact date, transport information, goods receiving, repair history, scrapped parts, replacement products, quality data and so on. 

The RMA process begins with the defect or fault customer reports about product manufacturer. Usually in the initial contact, firms will try to make some preliminary fault diagnosis have a look whether can help the customers to solve the problem immediately. In many cases, failure is caused by a software problem, these faults can usually through telephone or Internet to diagnose and solve. If it is a hardware problem, manufacturers will guide the customer to return. 

Manufacturers usually to each customer's request is assigned a unique number, in order to track and control of RMA process. The customer in the future on the same product and firm when dealing with both to the RMA as a reference, the internal use this number to collect associated with this product information. In return, repair or replacement is issued, RMA process ended. The above gives the RAM flow diagram. 

Sales after service

If you failed or cannot work normally in the use of this product, please with the product sales point of contact for replacement of qualified products. Because of different failure scenarios, sometimes it is not the product quality problems, please read this manual carefully in the product back to the point of sale before. Thank you.

We declare the product passed the test with the product manual.

If you follow the instructions of the normal operation of the product, the product's failure, according to the specification, the products enjoy a year free warranty.

Although we are in accordance with the relevant provisions of specification of fault product for free repair, but we are not intentionally to restrict the rights and interests of consumers.

If your product warranty period has expired, but still need to repair it, please with the product sales. If you have moved away from its original place or you use as the gift, please do not contact with the original point of sale, repair and other matters, but directly and after sale service center contact.

Please confirm the product warranty information (name, address etc.) accurate, because this information may be used in the after sale service, please Science Solution.
In addition to the privacy of consumer information, except in special circumstances, we will not send your information published, lease or to any third party. But the court In order to protect the interests of the company or other circumstances.

If the product quality assurance in failure period, please take the product specification, body and a set of accessories, to the point of sale request repair. But if the following by any situation, even during the warranty period, we also cannot free repair.

1. This product failure, buy the time for more than a year.
For example, cannot provide instructions, quality guarantee, the point of sale seals or receipt to prove that you buy time.

2. Deliberate tampering quality assurance date and other related information on the book.

3. If the war, earthquakes, fires, typhoons, floods and other natural disasters caused by fault.

4 .Due to fall, water use, improper or illegal operations caused.

5. When using this product from being scratched, damaged defiled and appearance fault.

6. Due to dismantle, assemble, repair and cause.

7. In addition to other supplies the in vitro such as LED lights and other accessories.

8. The products as other products (non-domestic) failure caused.

9. For Diffuser, add fault caused by non-essential oil. For camera, flush different firmware, use different camera

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